Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bathroom Grab Bars - An Important Home Modification At Any Age

Bathroom Grab Bars - Not Just For Seniors
One does not have to be a senior or disabled to benefit from the addition of bathroom grab bars to your home. A devastating fall in the shower, and the sequence of events which often follow can affect people of all ages. The addition of bathroom grab bars to your shower or tub enclosure can make a world of difference in terms of security and independence. An unexpected fall can happen when it is least expected, especially in an environment such as the bathroom, where a wet tiled floor surface is typical. Every precaution that one can take to prevent a sudden slip or fall is of the utmost importance .

Bathroom Grab Bars Should Be Installed Strategically
Bathroom grab bars are most commonly located in the shower and next to the toilet or commode for both safety and assistance. It is becoming increasingly common to find grab bars (sometimes in very decorative or multifunctional styles) used in place of towel bars positioned in strategic locations throughout the washroom. In the past I have often removed existing towel bars and replaced them with decorative bathroom grab bars in finishes which would coordinate with the existing bathroom accessories. This would providing a non-obtrusive look but at the same time greatly increase the level of security within the bathroom. A conventional towel bar which is typically weak and inadequately anchored is in my opinion an invitation to disaster. It is the most likely place for one to grab for support or assistance when it is suddenly required, and it is also very likely to fail with the application of only a minimal level of force applied.

Bathroom Grab Bars - important at any age
I have frequently installed bathroom grab bars just outside the shower or tub threshold to assist with entrance into or exit out of the bathing area. There are many different types of bathroom, bath and shower configurations. Each configuration should be carefully assessed to determine the most suitable locations for bathroom grab bars with consideration made to factors such as anchoring possibilities, wall space available, functionality of the bathroom grab bar in terms of their purpose and most likely mode of usage.

I personally advocate installing as many bathroom grab rails as necessary to make the bathroom safe, especially when the washroom floor is tiled and likely to get wet and even more so when the situation is such that factors such as limited balance, strength and visual acuity come into play. It is all too common for one to try and get by with as little as possible only to soon realize that too little can soon equate to too late when it comes to the elements of bathroom safety and fall prevention. My philospophy has always been that if you are going to do it, do it right.

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plumbing said...

Yes, grab bars are not just for seniors, it is also for kids. Grab bars are use to hold to support someone while in bathroom to prevent slipping off. We also consider where to put these grab bars.

Anonymous said...

need bar installed in marble shower with metal studs help!

Anonymous said...

how do I install a grab bar in a marble shower with metal studs. please contact me at nyflaqueen@aol.com I really need assistance or direction

Toilet grab bars said...

Toiler grab bars are best solutions for not only seniors but also for kids and disable people.