Monday, November 14, 2011

Grab Bar Installation Tip 1 - Dealing With Dust!

Once I have completed marking out the wall (and scoring the tile when applicable), I prepare to drill a series of holes for anchor insertion corresponding to the locations I have selected for the grab bars I will be installing. I always have a good quality shop vacuum with preferably a fine filtration system with me as I drill. One should use a long enough hose so that the vacuum blower is sufficiently distanced so as not to stir up any additional dust. I keep the nozzle close to my work as I drill so that the dust is dealt with as it is created, not after the job is complete and dust has made its way throughout the room and has been ground into the grout etc.  It is much easier to take care of the dust early on so that time is not wasted washing the shower floor and wiping down the mirrors and cabinets. My customers are amazed and very appreciative of this very simple act of efficiency and consideration.
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